25 Gifts for Him Under $10

December 11, 2020
25 gifts for him under $10

Whether you’re looking for Christmas, birthday, or just-because gifts… check out this list of gifts for him under $10 to give you some ideas! I did some deep research to take the guess work out for you! The products linked in this post have some great reviews loved by other men! These suggestions were under $10 at the time of this post… we all know how Amazon has price fluctuations over time!

Need some gift ideas for those women in your life? Check out this post full of ideas!

Disclaimer: I only recommend products I would or do use myself and all opinions expressed here are my own. This post may contain affiliate links that I earn a small commission from, but are at no additional cost to you.

25 Gifts for Him Under $10

1. Socks

We all love the feeling of brand new socks! Try out these Dickies compression socks!

2. Aftershave

You can’t go wrong with Adidas! My husband enjoys a good-smelling aftershave… and I can’t lie… I do too!

3. Personalized mug

Etsy and Walmart have good quality and fast personalized options. Etsy is my favorite place to shop to help my fellow small-business friends!

4. Beanie

Depending on preferred style, this is a good option. We keep stock in beanies around our house now that my two boys are old enough to start running off with them!

5. Boxers

There are SO many options out there! Cotton, polyester, sport, dry/moisture wicking, etc. Try these lightweight ones!

6. Cologne

Give this scent a test… perfect stocking stuffer size! I’m that weird lady that will pass a man, notice his amazing smelling cologne, and ask what it is so I can get it for my husband! No shame.

7. Multi-tool pen

Not your average pen! Ruler, level, screwdriver, and stylus all in a pen! This can come in handy quite often!

8. Slippers

This is a yearly gift I enjoy getting my husband! Don’t tell him I said this, but he walks funny and tends to destroy the heels in ALL of his shoes no matter what price. So what better way than to keep it more affordable?! These unique ones can be worn outdoors!

9. Hand warmers

Does he work outdoors, hunt, or enjoy winter sports? Try these out! My husband enjoys hunting and uses these in his muff!

10. Water bottle

Whether working out or consuming daily water, this one has certain colors under $10! You can never have enough water bottles for the gym!

11. Pajama pants

Need I say more?

12. Money clip

These are such simple gifts! This is a carbon fiber option with awesome reviews!

13. Car freshener

What is better than smell goods while driving? This is my husband’s favorite scent! This also makes passenger-seat riding very enjoyable!

14. Book/audiobook

A great way for that man in your life to unwind! My husband does a lot of driving at work so he leans more towards audiobooks!

15. Thermal

You can find many thermal options by Hanes and Fruit of the Loom! I love getting the waffle stitch looking ones for my husband to wear under his work clothes.

16. Gum/mints

This is a necessity in my husband’s truck… this is his go to!

17. Razor

Nothing better than a smooth shave! Give this brand a try… you can’t beat the price!

18. Foot file/scrub

If he’s anything like my husband, calluses are there and I may or may not enjoy removing them! Give this amazing file a go!

19. Hot sauce

This may or may not be his thing, but has a variety of flavors to choose from priced under $10! My husband is a hot sauce junky. When I’m out shopping and notice a hot sauce that claims it’s “very hot” I have to snatch it up. The hotter, the better… so he says!

20. Beard care

My husband loves his beard balms! Try this oil and/or balm! They also make kits to distribute the product! What is better than a nicely groomed beard?

21. Grilling/smoking rubs

Whiskey maple… enough said!

22. Massage oil

Why not make it edible? 😉

23. Dr. Squatch soap

A little more costly, but a nice gesture! This is my husband’s favorite scent!

24. Gift card

This is one you can never go wrong with! $10 will work for a nice meal at a majority of restaurants… or a tall, cold beer!

25. Graphic tee

There are so many to choose from at your local retail locations… these make perfect gifts to lounge or work around the house in!

Bonus idea!

Golf tees! Barstool Sports makes some! This is a nice, leisure sport for him to unwind and drink a few beers with his friends.

25 gifts for him under $10

And there you have it! 25 gift ideas under $10 for those men in your life! Why not throw a few together and make a fun gift basket?

What are your favorite, go-to gifts for him under $10?


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