25 Gifts for Her Under $10

December 19, 2020
25 gifts for her under $10

Whether you’re looking for Christmas, birthday, or just-because gifts… check out this list of gifts for her under $10 to give you some ideas! Don’t worry… I did some deep research to take the guess work out for you! The products linked in this post have some great reviews loved by other women! These suggestions were under $10 at the time of this post… we all know how Amazon has price fluctuations over time!

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Disclaimer: I only recommend products I would or do use myself and all opinions expressed here are my own. This post may contain affiliate links that I earn a small commission from, but are at no additional cost to you.

25 Gifts for Her Under $10

1. Perfume

Us women love smell goods! You can’t go wrong with this one. Give this scent a try!

2. Candle

I’m telling you, this is perfect for any woman in life regardless of age! Sometimes you can snag the amazing 3-wick candles at Bath and Body Works/White Barn for around $10-13 or Yankee Candle makes yummy 1-wick candles in a variety of scents… I LOVE this vanilla scent!

3. Personalized mug

Etsy and Walmart have good quality and fast personalized options. Etsy is my favorite place to shop to help my fellow small-business friends!

4. Throw blanket

One can simply never have enough blankets! Many retail stores will have throw blankets in a variety of fabrics on sale during the holidays so you can always snatch some up there… I always see soft throw blankets under $10 at Walmart such as this one!

5. Facial Mask

Relaxation… something us women love! Now that I’m a mom I appreciate it even more! My personal go-to is a nice charcoal face mask or you can give her a variety of sheet masks… this bundle has some great options at an amazing price for 16!

6. Pajama pants

Who ever said you can have too many pairs of pajama pants? Nobody. 🙂

7. Teeth whitening kit

As a dental hygienist by trade, I can’t even count how many women would ask me daily about whitening options! I don’t blame them, I love a bright smile! I was shocked to see this nicely rated whitening pen under $10! Carbamide peroxide is great for those with sensitive teeth.

8. Bath/shower bomb

Ahh… some nice warm water and a fizzy smell good! Bombs by Body & Earth Store are very reasonably priced! I’m also starting to see shower tablets and steamers if she prefers relaxing showers!

9. Book

Books are great for mental relaxation… something us women simply enjoy! Whether she loves physical books, e-books, or audiobooks, you can find many great titles under $10!

10. Underwear (boy shorts!)

New underwear is the best! You can’t go wrong with the boy short style… they form so perfectly to the booty! Victoria’s Secret has underwear sales often! As I write this post, they are having a 5 panties for $30 sale. This is a common sale of theirs.

11. Foot massager

Pampering feels oh so good! I’m big on self-care and the feet take oh so much pressure everyday. Foot massagers are a great way to unwind and this one is so simple and can easily be stored away!

12. Fuzzy socks

It’s like a warm hug for your feet! Make it fun and get cute little characters… a fox, penguin, or unicorn!

13. Planner

This makes a perfect Christmas gift! The best way to bring in the new year is with a clean, fresh planner to help her start the year strong! This option has a variety of colorways to choose from!

14. Gift card

Does she have a hobby? Or perhaps a certain store she enjoys? Or my favorite… COFFEE!

15. Massage oil

Massages… yes! This lavender oil is a relaxing scent and a personal go-to. Did I mention it’s edible? 😉

16. Hoody/sweater

Hoodies and sweaters are perfect to lounge around the house in! You can find many options at your local retail stores or you can try out this cute, simple hoody. This Hanes sweatshirt is also a great choice! You could even go with a men’s hoody if she enjoys the oversized look!

17. Wine or favorite beverage (hot chocolate is a great winter choice!)

If she’s not a wine drinker, hot chocolate is perfect! You can’t beat this price for Swiss Miss hot chocolate with marshmallows! Or opt for the new trend, hot cocoa bombs!

18. Journal

Self reflection is a healthy mental exercise! Get her an inspirational journal or if she enjoys a little bit of profanity this is a fun journal! 😀

19. Favorite dessert

Donuts? Cookies? Chocolates? My personal favorite.. macarons! This small business is amazing! The taste is phenomenal and you can’t beat his prices. He ships, hand delivers, and works very hard for his sweet family!

20. Wristlet

A wristlet is so convenient when going out and about. This wristlet has a spot for EVERYTHING and many color options are under $10!

21. House decor or wall hanging

Depending on her style, you can find tons of fun decor pieces at HomeGoods, Marshalls, or TJMaxx. These are probably already on her list of favorite stores! 😉

22. Devotional or inspirational daily quotes

Whether she wants a closer religious relationship or just needs some daily optimism, these types of readings are so good for the soul! This is a great devotional guide by Donna Maltese or here is a deck of inspirational cards with raving reviews!

23. Yoga or meditation

Not only is this a great stress relief, but it’s a wonderful exercise! Perhaps she could use some equipment or a new yoga DVD to try out! Rodney Yee’s Yoga DVD‘s are very affordable and great for yoga at all ages! You could also try BeachBody on Demand, which is a personal favorite of mine.

24. Hand scrub or lotion

This is a very simple gift for any woman in your life! Here is a nice exfoliator that is not only vegan, but packaged beautifully!

25. Games

Card games make great gifts. They are a boredom buster and a time for the family to have some much needed laughs together after a busy day… women love being with their families! Fun family games with youngins’ are Sorry!, Uno, or Clue! Good games with an older crowd would be Sequence (my personal favorite) or Yahtzee!

Bonus idea!

Puzzles! These are so nice as they can be completed when time allows! They also make a great wall hanging after they’re finished!

25 gifts for her under $10

And there you have it! 25 gift ideas under $10 for those women in your life! Why not throw a few together and make a fun gift basket?

What are your favorite, go-to gifts for her under $10?


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